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El 80% de los niños con síndrome de Down y otras enfermedades muere antes de nacer

He recibido este mensaje. Si alguien quiere apoyarlo, ya somos dos.

September 25, 2012
Dear Friend of C-FAM and the Friday Fax,
More than 80% of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities are killed in the womb.
Among those who survive the womb, they face a life of loneliness, misunderstanding, and serious medical problems.
Once more, friends, I am going to ride my heart out on my bike for those who died in the womb and those who survived.
Last year I rode 100 kilometers on my bike and came within a few hundred dollars of being the largest individual fundraiser for the annual Best Buddies International Challenge in Washington DC.
I am doing it again this year.
I write to ask for your help.
Will you support my ride?
Here is my pledge.
I will ride my heart out. I will finish the ride. What's more, I will take the pro-life message to this event. If I am able to raise the most money this year and am given the microphone, I WILL DELIVER A PRO-LIFE MESSAGE!
I will talk about the great injustice faced by unborn babies with Down Syndrome!
The amazing thing about the issue of Down Syndrome and abortion is that it potentially can unite the political left and the right! I want to build that bridge.
The organization I ride for is called Best Buddies International, an amazing organization that trains hundreds of thousands of students and adults who become friends with people with Down Syndrome, so these people will not go through life alone and lonely!
You can donate to my ride and to my mission by going here: www.dcchallenge2012.org/ruse
I need to raise more than $20,000 to become the number one fundraiser. Last year we came so close. We lost it on the final day! This year we will make it.
Please go here www.dcchallenge2012.org/ruse and give as much as you can.
Also, please pray for this cause. Pray for this ride and for our fundraising effort.
I thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Austin Ruse
PS You will be pleased to know that this year I have formed a team to ride with. We are called Lejeune Foundation/C-FAM. I will tell you more about the team in the coming days.

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